Monday Nights

Join us every Monday night for Trivia hosted by Mark Macdonald. Trivia starts at 9pm and prizes are award for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!

Wednesday Nights

Every Wednesday we have Pigs on Broadway host by the infamous Kitty Litter. Kitty likes to show clips from musicals, viral YouTube and FaceBook videos, and whatever other kind of crazy thing she can think of!

Sin Sity Sisters!

On the 3rd Saturday of every Month, we host the Sin Sity Sisters. Each month we have a different contest and the winner receives a special Pig trophy. There are raffels and a $5 beer bust from 10pm-1am. All money from the Beer Bust goes to the Sisters!

Bears Las Vegas

Join us on the 2nd Friday of every month for Bears Attack the Ranch! The event starts at 9pm and we will have Gummy Bear Shots, Raffles, and a Beer Bust!

Every time there is a 5th Sunday in a Month, we invite the Bears of Las Vegas to come and throw another party! There is a Beer Bust, Raffles, and most importantly, Food!

Gear Night

Join us on the 1st Saturday of every month for Gear Night hosted by the Las Vegas boys of Leather. Wear fetish gear such as leather, athletic gear, or just some jeans and a t-shirt. We will have fun raffles through out tonight, kick-ass Cherry Bombs, and bootblacking on site. All proceeds go to the LVboL charity.